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October 2010
  • Keith booked an Under 5 on Days of Our Lives as one of Stefano Dimera's Henchmen. This one was dedicated to
    Keith's Mom, Kay, who never missed an episode since the shows inception.

July 2010-September 2010
  • Two clips from the Sketchers Comedy Special, staring Keith, were posted on YouTube. To view them, click one of the
    links below to see clips:
                     Prison Edition: Click Here to View on YouTube
                     Lawman Edition:   Click Here to View on YouTube          

  • Through out the end of summer and beginning of the episodic season, Keith continued to workshop, write and
    prepare for auditions by brushing up on his cold reading skills. Looking forward to a strong end to 2010.

June 2010
  • All it took was two meetings, and the feeling was just right for both parties. Keith has now signed with Larry O.
    Williams both Commercially and Theatrically @ Williams Talent Agency.

May 2010
  • Hitting the ground running, Keith has been doing mass mailing and pressing the flesh to find new representation.

April 2010
  • After a follow up and some paperwork, Keith was declaired Eligible to join by the Screen Actors Guild. Union status
    will be solidified by the end of the month. "I MADE IT, MOM!!!!"

March 2010
  •  Keith booked the part of Phil, a brazen ego maniac & highly intelligent slouch with an imposing presence in the short
    film "Poker Night." This short a cross over to directing project for Jonathan Holm and Reidenshcneider Films.

  • Now Casting's Showcase Now will be spotlighting Keith as one of it's performers for the 2010 Comedy Show case.
    Link to showcase soon to be posted to sight after release.

  • After meeting with Ryan Hailey at the UTLA offices, Keith was booked to play the part of Johnny, an Senior Fraternity
    Brother who wrecks havoc on one lucky pledge.

  • Quick One Media brought Keith back to perform in two spec commercials for FedEx via Poptent. He first worked with
    Mike Quick of Quick One Media once before on the Coors Light Campaign.

February 2010
  • Through the end of January into the beginning of February, Keith was called in numerous times to play a Homeland
    Security officer in few episodes of the Young & the Restless.

  • Paperwork and fees were completed as Keith solidified his status with Actors' Equity Association.

January 2010
  • After moving from New York to Los Angeles as well, Keith booked an Under 5 part for ABC's All My Children. The
    episode with air Feb. 8th 2010. What a way to start a new year!

November- December 2009
  • Keiith booked a spot in a few spec commercials for the Coors Light Coaches series through Quick One productions.
    The commercials were in contention and considered for Super Bowl air time.

October 2009
  • The Very Special Halloween Episode of Rodimus Puck is up on it's website, or can also be seen and voted on by
    viewing it on Funny or Die by clicking here.

  • After reconnection with another actor from the New York Actors Connection: LA Connection program, Chad Ridgely,
    Keith filmed two skits with him for his Fox Atomic Webseries. Keep a look out. I will post a link if and/or when it goes
    up online.

September 2009
  • Episode 6.0 of the Many Deaths of Rodimus Puck is up and running on the site. Bud and Rodi back in the Park again,
    throwing the disk around, having some fun only for it to go a little too far... Check it out here!

  • Lots more background work is the name of the game recently. Keith has been booking a lot of background work on
    many more shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Monk, Dexter, Young & the Restless and more.

August 2009
  • The John Hughes Tribute episode of the Many Deaths of Rodimus Puck was at one point the highest rated webseries,
    parody, and overall video on Funny or Die for the month!!! check it out and vote for yourself by clicking here!

May-July 2009
  • Keith booked the part of Bud Mumble in the web series: the Many Deaths of Rodimus Puck. His premiere episode is
    episode 2 which will air July 29th and can be seen @ www.rodimuspuck.com

  • Over this two month span, Keith booked  BG Artistry work on numerous television and movie projects such as Iron
    Man 2, Numb3rs, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Saving Grace, Raising the Bar, The Mentalist and more, as well as
    a reoccurring background on the Young & the Restless.

April 2009
  • Since the last post, Keith has been really busy. At the end of February, Keith auditioned for Breakout Entertainment's
    newest film, Beer Pong: The Movie. He booked the part of James in this new comedy, directed by Reza Riazi!  Keep
    and eye out for more information on the release.

January 2009
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hoping everyone a healthy and busy 2009! Here is to achieving goals and aspirations one day at a

  • Keith is in the process of developing an updated site for keithmarkey.com

December 2008
  • Keith is doing a work shop with the wonderful Dyann Brander. Dylann is a full Casting Director/partner with Megan
    Branman’s office. They cast the hit show, and one of Keith's favorite new shows, “The Cleaner” on A&E.

November 2008
  • Keith was cast to read the role of P-Nut in Duane Adler's (STEP UP, SAVE THE LAST DANCE) A SORT OF HOMECOMING,
    held at the famous Troubadour in West Hollywood. The show was the first ever event for Musicians Give Back, a
    division of Artists Give Back. A portion of any proceeds go to Music Rising (www.musicrising.org), who donates
    instruments to musicians, schools and churches affected by Hurricane Katrina. The live reading was followed by two
    talented musical acts.

September-October 2008
  • It has been business as usual around Los Angeles. Auditions, Writing, Workshops and Networking. We will keep you
    posted as more information unfolds.

  • After being in Los Angeles for a year now, Keith has decided it's time to update the headshots. He has already started
    research on Photographers as well as some interviews. Look for updated headshots posted and mailed out come
    December (just in time for Pilot season).

August 2008:
  • On August 14th at the Metatheater on Melrose, Keith will be participating in a staged reading of the play Victoria and
    Fredrick for President. It is a period piece about Victoria Woodhull and Fredrick Duglas who ran together for the
    Presidency and Vice Presidency of the United States back in 1872.

July 2008:
  • Keith was called to producers for the Fox TV Show HOUSE M.D.

  • Two more workshops Keith has signed up for this month. One will be doing a voice over workshop with David
    Lawrence, and another work shop with Erica Silverman of April Webster Casting, at Act Now.

June 2008:
  • As of June 4th, 2008, Keith will be represented Commercially by the Daniel Hoff Agency.

  • Keith will be participating in James Levine's Commercial workshop, and Amy & Brooke from Philips/Reise Casting
    movie of the week workshop, at Act Now.

May 2008:
  • Keith performed in a staged reading of Now in Paperback by Brian Pines at the Actor's Gang Theater in front of a live
    audience. The show was directed by Ron DiMaio, and Cast by Janelle Scuderi. Keith had the pleasure to read a few
    parts of the scene and share the stage with such prolific actors such as Hugh Laurie, Mimi Kennedy, Ann Magnuson,
    Lenard Roberts, Nora Zehetner, amongst other great talent. It was a pleasure for Keith to work on such a fantastic
    project out here in Los Angeles.

  • For 4 weeks, Keith took a work shop with Caroline Liem, Casting Director for Jimmy Kimmel Live, at Act Now.

  • Keith has returned to the Groundlings Theater to continue Level II Improv (He passed Level I back in March). He has
    the pleasure once again to study with his original coach, Margee Magee.

April 2008:
  • Keith will be participating in the staged reading for Now in Paperback, written by Brian Pines. The Reading
    will take place on May 5th at the Actors Gang Theater in Culver City, directed by Ron DiMaio.

  • Keith has created a working relationship with the Act Now program in Sherman Oaks, CA. Here Keith will
    be doing specific workshops with industry professionals in order to showcase his talents, learn from some
    of the best in their area of expertise, as well as for networking purposes.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists newest member.... Mr. Keith

March 2008:
  • Keith has returned to the UCB Theatre!! After moving from the East Coast, Keith has officially become a
    UCB Transfer studying 401 with Billy Merritt (also a transplant from UCB-NY).

  • Over the last three months, Keith has had the pleasure to study short from Improv @ the Groundlings
    theater. After a rigorous and challenging program 3 month program, Keith is proud to announce that he
    passed Basic and is moving on to Intermediate. What is normally a course repeated by all students, Keith
    proved that he was able to advance without having to repeat the course again.... Who knows where this
    will lead? Stay tuned........

February 2008:
  • After speaking with Matt Cain, casting director for the hit television show Scrubs, Keith attended an
    orientation session at the Brian Reise Studios. Based off the information shared at this meeting, Keith
    signed up to study cold reading at this highly respected studio.

  • Keith met with Scott Howard and Elana Dvorak @ Howard Entertainment to talk about the west coast
    market. Although this management office is not looking for new talent at the time, the knowledge and
    assistance they provided was greatly appreciated.

January 2008:
  • After talking with Janelle Scuderi, Casting Associate for "House, M.D.," Keith got involved with Actors Give
    Back. For more information please visit the website @ www.actorsgiveback.org.

  • Keith has commenced his studies at both the Lesly Kahn Studio and at the Groundlings Improv Theater.

  • A New Year, New Goals, New Results.  Keith is currently still looking for West Coast representation. As the
    writers strike  continues, Keith is still out there networking and studying in order to stay fresh once it has
    been resolved.

  • Happy New Year from Keith Markey!!!!

December 2007:
  • After meeting with the representatives at Nash Entertainment, Keith booked a part of a police officer for
    the new show Crisis Point for Court TV. Keith plays one of the arresting officers in a reenactment that
    takes down a crazed mad man who had been firing an AK-47 at an officer after being pulled over. Keith
    also had a chance to do a little stunt driving at the shoot as well.

  • Keith had a triage meeting with Lesly Kahn on December 18th in order to audition and sign up to study at
    her studio. The feed back was positive and Keith decided to start work with the Lesly Kahn Studio in

  • In order to get back into the swing of things in L.A., Keith has decided to audition for the Groundlings
    and was accepted. He will begin work with them starting January 7th.

November 2007:
  • As Keith continues his search for West Coast representation, he still is consumed in mailings, self-
    submissions, networking and writing. If you, or the company you work for, are currently looking for new
    talent...... Well then you came to the right place!!! Welcome.
  • Due to the Writer's Guild Strikes, all has been quiet for the most part on the Keith Markey front. But fear
    not, soon he will rise again.

October 2007:
  • The nationally aired commercial for WebMD which features Keith has been getting great air time, especially
    during the Major League Baseball playoffs and World Series, as well as National League Football on
    Sundays. Keep an eye out for it!

September 2007:
  • Keith booked a role as the Paramedic on Spike TV's television show 1000 Ways To Die.

August 2007:
  • Keith has booked a re-occurring role as an inmate in the NBC's hit show My Name is Earl.

  • Keith has booked work on the upcoming movie, Breaking Point, with 90210 alum David Austin Green.

July 2007:
  • The move is official. Keith has left NY and drove cross country to Los Angeles where now resides working
    to learn, network, and gain more exposure as an artist.

  • The NY Actors Connection's LA Connection commenced on the 16th, and completed on the 22nd. Here
    Keith met with and acted for 20 of Los Angeles' most talented and respected Managers, Agents, and
    Casting Directors. It was a great experience overall and allowed Keith to see some people that he met back
    in the Pilot Season program as well as some new faces.

  • In an effort to get the ball rolling in LA, Keith has registered with Central Casting in order to keep busy
    and gain a few more vouchers to be come union eligible.

June 2007:
  • Keith's appearance at the UCB Theatre Improv show on June 30th has been cancelled due to scheduling
    conflicts. You can catch him at the UCB Theatre West in Los Angeles coming soon. More information to

  • Keith participated as a guest actor for the Directing Actors classes taught by Paul Warner @ New York Film
    Academy in Soho this month. Here Keith worked with young aspiring directors on how communicate and
    work with talent during each step of the production process.

May 2007:
  • For the second time around, Keith is going to participate in the Actors Connection L.A. Connection held in
    July in Los Angeles, California.

  • Keith has commenced his studying of long form Improv with Charlie Todd.

April 2007:
  • The Improv show, Spy-D Suit, had a great performance at the UCB Theatre. Thanks to all who came out
    and show their support. Keith will be doing another improv show on June 30th with the UCB New York.
    Stay posted for more information.

  • Episode of 30 Rock Keith did work on will be airing on Thursday April 19th.

  • On Saturday April 21st, Keith will be performing with the 201 group @ the Upright Citizens Brigade theatre.

March 2007:
  • Keith signed with Independent Artists Agency!!!

  • VH1 held filming for their new show Acceptable TV (produced by Jack Black) @ NYFA in Union Square. Here
    Keith stared, featured, and even helped create some of the sketches and improv skits. Work can be seen at
    the website www.acceptabletvonline.com. You can also catch the show Fridays @ 10:00pm on VH1.

  • Keith booked work on NBC's hit comedy show 30 Rock.

February 2007:

  • Keith booked the new Smith and Wollensky Steakhouse commercial!

  • The performance by the improv group, Electrolysis, had an outstanding performance at the UCB Theatre
    this past Saturday. Keith would like to thank any and all who attended the show and looks forward to
    seeing you all and some more new faces at the up coming shows in the near future.

  • Leanne won the Zero Tolerance Short Film Competition in Europe. Scottish director, Jamie Steedman,
    entered the short film about domestic abuse to the competition to spread the word, increase knowledge,
    and help to stop the violence. It has been selected to be screened at this very prestigious art-house
    cinema in Edinburgh called 'The Film House' on front of a panel of BBC executives who are there to analyse
    it on March 5th.

  • On Feb 24th, Keith will be performing with other members of the One-Zero-One Class @ the Upright
    Citizens Brigade doing some long form improv. The show starts at 4:00pm on Sat. 2/24 @ the UCB Theatre
    located at 26th street and 8th ave in Manhattan, NY.

  • Keith has returned to NYC after spending a couple of weeks networking and auditioning out in LA. After
    the completion of this program, the LA market has opened up a bit for Keith, yet he has returned to pull
    some more work out of his heart and hometown of New York City.

  • On February 27th, Keith will be working and studying the Game of the Scene under Doug Moe @ the UCB
    Theater. This is the second installation with the UCB Theatre and beings to lay the foundation and ground
    work for performing the Harold level improv.

January 2007:

  • The Demo Reels have been put up. To see both the short version and the extended version, just click the
    Reels link in the above menu bar.

  • Keith started the improv program with the Upright Citizens Brigade.

  • Along with 22 other talented actors from the east coast, Keith flew out to Los Angeles, California, for the
    beginning of Pilot season to partake in the AC's L.A. Connection held the last week of January. During this
    event, Keith networked, auditioned, and received positive feed back from 16 of the Industries top Casting
    Directors, Talent Agents and Managers out on the West Coast.

December 2006:

  • Keith met with the three associate casting directors for all three Law and Orders: Claire Traeger (Law and
    Order), Anne Davison (Law and Order: Criminal Intent), and Alison Goodman (Law and Order: Special
    Victims Unit). This was an special intensive set to network and get a feel for auditioning for the shows.

  • Keith signed up with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Starting in January he will be working with
    Betsy Stover. Going back to his roots, Keith is back again for some more improv and sketch comedy.

November 2006:

  • Keith took part in a Primetime Intensive class with Marci Phillips (Director of ABC Casting, Primetime).
    Within this crash course Keith worked with Marci on specific skills for auditioning, paying particular
    attention to the "cold read."

  • Keith auditioned for, and was accepted to, the A.C.'s L.A. Connection which will be held in Los Angeles,
    California, during the early part of Pilot season. The program will be an intense week of networking,
    auditioning, and information sessions about the L.A. Market.

October 2006:

  • Leanne and Parvenu are both set for a pre-screening held at the Tammany Hall building (Park Avenue and
    17th street/Union Square) on Thursday, October 12, @ 6:30pm.

September 2006:

  • Filming of Leanne commenced with the majority of the production shot in the Williamsburg Section of
    Brooklyn, NY.

  • Keith enrols in the Prime Time television course taught by Erica Jensen at the studios @ Actor's
    Connection. Erica takes her experience as a respected casting director and helps to fine tune an actors
    ability to audition for Prime Time television.

August 2006:

  • Keith enrols in the situational comedy course taught by Richard Kline held at the studios @ Actor's
    Connection. Richard is a talented actor/director, best known work playing the role of Larry Dallas on the
    hit sitcom Threes Company.

  • Filming of Parvenu commenced during the second week in August. The shoot was an intense, non-stop
    week of filming in both the Tribeca and Greenwich Village sections of Manhattan, NY.

  • Keith booked and filmed a nationally broadcast television commercial for WebMD.

July 2006:

  • Keith creates a working relationship with Ingrid French Management.

  • Keith joins the AC Conservatory through Actors Connection.

  • Keith landed the lead in Joan Vitores' dark comedy Parvenu. In this film Keith plays Max, a business man
    who would do anything in order to get the newly opened General Manager position at his company.

  • Keith is cast in Jaime Steedman's dramatic short film Leanne. Keith plays the part of Micheal, the abusive
    ex-husband of the title character.

  • www.keithmarkey.com is finally up and running.
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